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Ron was born and raised in Michigan. While attending Oakland University in Michigan, Ron decided to explore the possibilities of making songwriting a profession.

In 1976, Ron moved to Los Angeles. Shortly afterwards, he began writing songs for Holland-Dozier-Holland Productions in Hollywood.

In 1980, Ron co-founded Baywest Records, which was based in Northern
California. Co-wrote, produced, and arranged following songs released on

Don't Blame Me When You Lose Me (Artist: Michael Peyser)
Your Key Fits (Artist: Laurie Roberts)
Hook Me and Sneak Previews (Artist: Leroy "Ace" Miller)
Ain't Nuthin' New under the Sun (Except My Love)
(Artist: Dallas)
Has Somebody Else Been Lovin' You? (Artist: Monique)

In 2003, Ron released his first solo CD entitled, "Biggie Was Here," which
represented a collection of instrumental tracks with a pop/R&B, jazz-oriented hip hop, dance flavor. You can hear some tracks from it at

In 2005, Ron released "The Return Of The win" (
www.cdbaby.com/ropatt2) and "Plaid" (www.cdbaby.com/ropatt3), both on Twin Noir Records, in follow up to "Biggie Was Here." All CDs are also available at www.amazon.com.

Ron recently released his 4th CD, “Ropatt IV” available at
You can also order these CDs toll-free at 1-800-289-6923.
He also co-wrote and produced Swiss Artist Tenaj’s “Special Queen” available at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody,
www.aspecialqueen.com and www.cdbaby.com/cd/tenaj1

Ron continues writing, arranging, producing  music for various other entertainment oriented projects.


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